(Xiaolin Showdown Fanfiction) One Day, in the Woods…

One Day, in the Woods
Characters: Chase/Jack
Rating: PG-13 (for mature themes)
Chase and Jack are in the woods one day, and they aren’t looking for Shen Gong Wu.

One Day, in the Woods…

Jack couldn’t refuse Chase anything.  So when Chase wanted to do it outside, despite Jack’s many reservations about the idea, the goth found himself in the middle of the woods one day, naked and writhing beneath the evil everlord.

“God—Chase!”  Jack gasped in pleasure.  He threw his arms over his head, and one of his hands happened to brush a leafy twig of the bush they were hiding under.  The sensation quickly brought Jack back into the world of logic.  “What if someone sees us?”

Chase looked up long enough to grin evilly.  “That’s what makes it exciting, Spicer.”  He proceeded to do something so wicked with his tongue that Jack couldn’t form any coherent thought for the next several minutes.

The everlord seemed fully intent on “completing” what he had started, and he was well on his way to convincing Jack as well.  As he reached down to undo the lacings on his pants, the boy shifted beneath him into a more comfortable position—right onto something sharp and metallic.

“Ow!”  Jack cried out.

Chase looked up quickly—“ow” wasn’t usually one of the words Jack used when fornicating.  “What’s wrong?”

Jack pulled himself up until he was supporting his weight on his elbows, and searched for the offending object that caused him pain.  When he found it, he pulled it out of the dirt and forest debris that had hidden it from sight.

“Huh,” he muttered, examining it.  It was a dull golden bronze in the shape of a very small dog.  “It kind of looks like—“

“The Shen Gong Wu should be around here somewhere…” a familiar voice floated to their ears.

Jack went very pale.

“Keep looking Omi, we’re bound to come across it,” another, deeper voice replied.  Jack turned to face the man crouched over him, hoping to see at least the slightest hint of worry on the other man’s face.

There was none.  Jack groaned—the evil bastard was even smirking.

The Xiaolin monks continued their search ever closer to the bush Chase and Jack were… positioned behind.  The red-headed goth whispered frantically to the other man, “What are we going to do?”  He waved the metal dog in the air, as if the sound of his distressed voice wasn’t enough to convince Chase of action.

“This is what we’re going to do,” Chase purred.  He plucked the small bronze statue out of the boy’s hands, cocked his arm back, and tossed the Wu towards the monks still searching the forest grounds.

It landed with a small thud, and oddly enough, a squeak at Omi’s feet.  The small warrior picked it up.  “I think the Shen Gong Wu has just found me!”  He cried out delighted.

Jack stared at Chase’s triumphant grin in utter horror.

“Why did you do that?!” He screeched—quietly.  He still didn’t want to be found, after all.

Chase lounged on his heels, smug with dark satisfaction.  “They were looking for the Shen Gong Wu.  I gave it to them.”

Jack began to hyperventilate.  He was naked in a forest, and people he actually knew were less then ten feet away—

“It came from that bush,” Omi’s voice said.

“I think I hear noises!” A higher pitched , feminine voice replied.  “Let’s go check it out!”

A heavily accented, Brazilian voice responded next.  “Could be Jack Spicer…”

They continued to discuss the obvious evil plot of the mysterious Shen Gong Wu flinging bush, but Jack’s brain had shut down completely in panic.  His body froze in his rather incriminating position underneath Chase, and there was nothing either of them could do about it.

Except Chase—being the evil everlord he was—took the opportunity of Jack’s sudden stillness to lean in and trail kisses down the boy’s jaw line.  When he reached the boy’s neck, said boy sprang into action.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  He tried to hiss, but another voice overlapped his.

“Jack Spicer!  I knew you were—“ Raimundo declared, pushing aside the foliage of Jack and Chase’s “privacy” bush.

And that’s when the screams began.  Jack was proud, later, when he was not the first to scream (that would have been Raimundo.)  However, his scream was by far the girliest, even out-pitching Kimiko’s shriek of terror.

In the middle of the chaos, Jack tried to shield his nakedness by hiding behind Chase, but it only helped to expose more of himself.  Raimundo fled from the scene entirely, the cowboy blushed and pulled his hat down to his mouth, Omi stared wide-eyed at the two, and Kimiko began to grin slowly as she realized what the two were doing.

And Chase, damn him, continued to fondle Jack.

“We have given you the Shen Gong Wu you were searching for, so if you could excuse us,” he spoke, even as he pinned Jack’s arms against his body to keep the boy from squirming.  He picked up Jack with some difficulty and stood, “I think we need to find another bush.”

He, with a mortified Jack in his arms, strode deeper into the forest, followed only by Omi’s confused mutterings and Kimiko’s fangirl-ish screams.

They really had done it in the forest that day, despite Jack’s many, many reservations.  But Chase Young was a very convincing man, and Jack could hardly refuse him of anything.  So, six weeks later, when Chase deemed Jack had ample time to recover from his trauma in the forest, he approached the boy again.

“I want to try something new,” he purred, brandishing a whip and a pair of handcuffs.

Jack sighed.  At least this time they would be inside.



Author: Eris O'Reilly

I'm a writer, artist, knitter, crocheter, cat wrangler, zombie hunter, and law enthusiast. Also, I am a complete and utter fangirl. I like silliness.

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