Working Girl

Wait.  Maybe I don’t want to use that euphemism…

Anyway, I’ve been on temp assignment after temp assignment.  (I’m typing this up at work as we speak! Productivity for the win!)  It’s been great for my pocket book, but bad for my writing.  I had hoped to be finished with my mini-series Chuck Made Them Do It by now; alas, I’ve only finished ch. 3.  And with Christmas this weekend, I really have no idea what kind of time I’ll have for writing.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be completely bored and get all my writing projects done this weekend.  Or, I can be so completely busy that I’ll come back Monday morning screaming and ranting.

Ahh, holidays.

Anyway, since I did finish Chuck chapter 3, I will try to get that typed up and posted for your reading pleasure.  Heavens know that my fans on love that story. (Thanks, my peeps!)

Must go back to work now.  Update later.


(Gundam Wing Fanfiction) Sodium Pentothal

Sodium Pentothal

This is why sodium pentothal (truth serum) is bad for Heero.

Warnings: This story contains slash. That means sexual relations between two men. And in this case, R-rated relations featuring Heero/Duo. Don’t like? Don’t read.

To the fic!

One-week Job

I temp.  It’s a little sucky, because I never really know when I’m going to be working, or where, or if there’s going to some rude guy or someone who smells really bad, or whatnot.  But it’s work and it’s money in an otherwise lousy economy.  And with Christmas on the way, I’m taking nearly anything I can get.

So I worked at a hospice for a week.  Data entry, (I’m not medically inclined… at all), and it wasn’t so bad.  The receptionist was a little on the harsh and brittle side, but the nurses and the social workers were hilarious to eavesdrop on, which I managed to do quite a bit.  And someone commented that I looked an awful lot like Taylor Swift, which I took as a compliment because I think she looks adorable.

All in all, not a bad week.  Got money, paid my bills, bought all my Christmas presents, and I even had enough left over to finally buy Bloodraven by P.L. Nunn (who is God).

The down side is that all my plans for writing were put on the wayside.  I did manage to get my Gundam Wing story finished, which I’ll be posting shortly. It’ll be friends locked because of adult situations (read: sex!), but I’ll also put it up on my FF account and my homepage tomorrow, so no worries.  I’m also trying to finish up Chuck Made Them Do It, for all you crazy fans out there.  I’ll post that here as soon as it’s done as well.

That’s it.  Just checking in.  Big post tomorrow–hopefully some art to go with it.  I’m excited.

Castle Break

There was a new Castle on tonight, which meant I didn’t get writing done.  But that’s okay, because there was a new Castle on tonight! I was starting to go through withdrawals in the last few weeks!


Now I’m off to bed, with Piano Man stuck in my head.  Maybe I’ll get something written at lunch.

Good night, everybody!


So, I was in the middle of hunting for lj icons (as I have none right now), when I got a call from my temp agency! Yeah!  And the job is near my house, too–even better!  They said it will probably only last a week, but still–that’s more money for Christmas.

Anyway.  I’m excited.  😀

First Post!

12-5-12: Edited for continuity errors when I brought it over from Livejournal. 🙂

I suppose some introductions are in order?  I’m Eris O’Reilly, I write fanfiction and original works.  I also draw fanart, doujinshi, and original comics.  All of these things can be found here on my website.  I will post daily life stuffs, project updates, and of course, all my writings, art, etc. here. You can navigate through the page tabs at the top. Fandoms I Have Met is my fanfiction page. [and here is where I will post all the rest of my pages… as soon as they happen.]

Okay, with that out of the way…

I just finished writing my first Gundam Wing fanfic.  I’ve always really liked Gundam Wing, but I’ve held off from writing anything (mostly from lack of ideas), but also because I had really only seen five or six episodes in the past, and really didn’t know what was canon and what was fanon. (Like Duo’s intelligence level, for instance.  Apparently it’s way higher in the show than most people will give him credit for in their fics.)  Earlier this week, however, I watched all forty-nine episodes and Endless Waltz in one epic marathon spanning a little over two days.  So I’m pretty confident now in the actual plot and characterizations, and I’m hoping I can add it as a fandom I write for.  We’ll see.  (It really always depends on the muse, you know?)

Anyway, I’ll type it up and finish editing it by tomorrow at the latest, if anyone’s interested.  For now, though, thanks for stopping by!

-Eris O’Reilly