Stuff I’m Into (Superhero Edition!)

It seems like most of my life in the last couple of weeks (okay, okay, months) has been centered around superheroes. From movies to comic books to video games, I just can’t seem to get enough of it. Anyway, here’s a little of what I’ve been into lately:

Ultimate Spider-Man (the animated series)

I just finished the first season a couple of days ago… and I can not WAIT to get my hands on the second. Holy hells, guys, this show is amazing!

First? Peter Parker is perfect. He’s hilariously irreverent and quick-witted, as he should be. He’s also, quite possibly, insane. He breaks the fourth wall constantly and has some severe hallucination issues–frequently breaking the flow of the plot to show the audience the little drama of chibi-fied versions of his friends running around in his head.

He actually reminds me a lot of Deadpool.

And it’s just not Peter Parker that makes this show great. The writing as a whole is phenomenally comedic–possibly one of the funniest shows I’ve seen in a long time. Each episode has a new way to throw ridiculousness at Spider-Man & co. Like the time Loki turned Spider-Man into a pig. (Which set up the entire episode as a series of Spider-Pig jokes.)

Oh, did I mention Agent Coulson? Agent Coulson is in this show. And he’s Peter’s high school principal. Also, he’s a total BAMF (as he should be).

It’s entertaining as hell. Really.

The Amazing Spider-Man (the game for XBox 360)

Apparently I’m on a Spider-man kick, okay? I’ve accepted it, and moved on. I got this game for Christmas. Usually, I’m not very impressed with movie tie-in games, but this one was actually very decent. More than decent, actually. I was hooked after the first ten minutes of playing it.

The story starts a few weeks (perhaps days?) right after the 2012 movie of the same name ends. In fact? I’d actually recommend watching the movie first before attempting to play this game. You could probably play the game without having seen it, but you’d be missing quite a bit. The story of the game clearly expects you to have seen the movie, and sets up its exposition accordingly.

Anyhoo. The game is very, very good. The controls are pretty smooth, the action is nice, and the story line is quickly paced. It’s short–took me perhaps… 20 hours to beat on easy, and only because I need to collect every single item in the game. But that’s okay, because you know why? This game has so many easy achievement points, it’s not even funny. In those 20 hours, I managed to snag 800 out of the 1000 achievement points. I kid you not, I was dancing in front of my XBox. It doesn’t make you slog through endless hours of leveling up or forcing you through multiple play-throughs (God, I want to kick Dragon Age’s teeth in, sometimes, okay?). Most of the points you can gain in the story line. The rest are mostly collection related points. Get all the magazines. Get all the comic book pages (okay, okay, that one was frustrating. There were 700 comic book pages).

Seriously. An achievement point whore’s dream game. I highly recommend it, if only for the boost in your player score.

The new Captain America series by Remender and Romita.

The third issue has just come out. I liked the first issue–very Cap feelsy, which I go for. The second issue had me clutching the book to my chest crying “Oh God, Cap!” (Ask my friends. This happened.) The third…?

The muthafugging third?

I had to call up my friend just to scream “WHAT THE HOLY F**ING HELLS DID THEY DO TO CAP?”

..I should go back to explain.

If you haven’t been reading the new Captain America, you need to. Right now. Log off this damned computer, go to your nearest comic book store and pick them up. Do it. I will wait. Cap is stuck in a bizarro different dimension, run by, apparently, Zola. Cap’s trapped there, and has been for a year. Apparently, he doesn’t have scissors or a razor on him, because he is very shagging (long hair, beard, whole works. I like clean-cut Cap better, but I have to admit, this not only works for the story line, but the shaggy hobo look kind of grows on the reader after awhile).

Also? He has a baby.

A freaking baby.

…Something about Cap trapped in a different dimension trying to care for a child really does something for me, okay? Don’t judge.

I admit, a lot of this (and really, there’s not much yet, as the third issue only just came out) feels like the Captain America version of The Road with Cap as Viggo Mortensen. Very stark and desolate with lots of “oh god, how ever will we survive.” But it works. It really does.

can not wait for next month’s issue. I just can’t.

Okay now. Go. Shoo. Go play/read/watch your own little worlds of happiness. 😀 Catch you later!



Author: Eris O'Reilly

I'm a writer, artist, knitter, crocheter, cat wrangler, zombie hunter, and law enthusiast. Also, I am a complete and utter fangirl. I like silliness.

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