Friday Fic Recommendations!

This Friday, it’s all about The Avengers. Steve and Tony, to be specific. Here are five fics from the movie-verse cannon that I’ll recommend to anyone just starting out in the whole Marvel fandom thing.

Mr. July by jibrailis

Supervillains keep trying to get Steve naked. I whole-heartedly aprove of this.

Seriously, though. This fic is brilliant. It’s in character and sweet and sexy and filled with adorkable moments. And some surprisingly good Thor moments (a secret weakness of mine).

This is one of my absolute favorite stories. You HAVE to read it. 🙂

From the story:

Tony moved as if through a lagging video game screen and passed the bottle over. “You seriously don’t think there’s anything off about it? Captain America, paragon of the people, turning into renegade sex symbol?”

“It’s not a sex symbol,” Steve said primly. “It’s my shield.”

Give me a Sign (Point me in the Direction of your Desire) by websurffer

OMG TONY-FEELS. This fic ends happily, but you have to get through all the Tony PSTD moments to get there. The flashbacks are a bit stilted, and the characterizations are ocassionally wonky, but it’s still worth a read.

From the story:

Modern hospitals terrify Steve. Intellectually, he knows the medicine is much more advanced, the surgeries much safer and the pain management more effective. However, to the kid who grew up in Brooklyn reading the 1940s version of sci-fi, modern hospitals are almost exactly how he had pictured the interior of alien space craft, come to abduct innocent young men and women for hideous experimentation and probing.

I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by you. by be_merry

This is very silly and very cheesy, but adorable. It’s even better if you love stupid pick-up lines as much as Clint and Tony do. 🙂

From the story:

“I wish you were a pony carousel outside Wal-mart so I could ride you all day for a quarter.”

Supersoldier Superserum Superspunk or Why SHIELD Can’t Have Nice Things by tourdefierce

For as much as this is a dirty, dirty (and I do mean dirty) porn, it is actually really cute. And kind of gross. But mostly cute. Steve and Tony’s relationship is really fluffy when they aren’t the victims of a SHIELD experiment gone wrong, and when they ARE–well, they’re just unbelievably hot together.

There are lots of things I like about this fic, like Tony naming Steve’s faces. His faces. Oh god, this is so perfect, I can’t even… And Steve apologizing profusely? So spot on, it’s amazing. I really, really like this story.

Just a quick warning though, this fic does get pretty gross. So gross that at loops back around and becomes hot again, but still. It does, after all, makes use of the word “Frankencock.” So just a quick heads up.

Still a great read!

From the story:

It was really hard not to feel like Tony was corrupting a seventeen year old virgin from the Bible Belt when Steve fueled the notion that his internal dialogue was full of aw, shucks moments and golly, gee exclamations. Even though Tony had been here, with Steve all naked and luscious and had visually witnessed Steve Rogers having a orgasm—Tony still thought about how internally, Steve was coming his brains out and thinking, “heavens to Betsy” or “oh my word”. To Steve’s credit, Tony had never heard him say more than “oh” paired with a handful of very manly gasps.

And last but not least:

The Twice-Told Tale by arysteia

One of the most brilliantly written, agonizingly beautiful stories I have ever read. It is one of my favorite stories ever. It will break your heart in all the right places and glue you back together again. It will make you weep. Bring tissues.

From the story:

There’s no two ways around it, meeting Captain America for the first time is a massive disappointment. Really, Tony should know by now that there’s nothing that even minimally raised expectations can’t ruin for him, and the fact that he’s loved Cap since childhood with a sweetness and sincerity and – there’s no other word for it – pure-heartedness unmatched by anything else in his life, only guaranteed he was setting himself up for a fall.

That’s all for this week!



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