Editing: Kinky BDSM for Writers

Editing my own work always makes me feel like a masochist. It’s painful and downright torturous, but the hurt feels soooo good in the end. Well, assuming that the editing was fruitful and actually made the story better, and didn’t just flail it within an inch of its life into a big pile of misshapen mush.

And, well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? Usually, I know when my editing is making the story better. Usually, I can look at the previous draft, then look the newly edited draft, and say, “Oh yeah, the second is way better than the first.” Or, conversely, if my editing is not making the story better, I can usually catch that as I’m attempting to change it. “Oh crap, this is only making it worse.

Right now? Right now I’m working on the Cloudy with a Chance of Satan edits, and…

I don’t know.

I mean, yes. I can see that my rough draft needs work. I did not vomit gold the first time around. (Who does, right?) So editing is sorely needed. Which I have started.

But now, knee-deep in edits, I am looking at the torn asunder mess and wondering, “Did I just fuck it up?” I’ve added scenes, and rewritten them. Taken entire characters out, completely rewrote the four chapter, combined chapters, exed out others…

And I don’t know if I’m making it better.

I’m half afraid I’m making it worse.

I’ve been reading Chuck Wendig’s writing advice on editing to cheer myself up. It’s working, a bit. (And very useful for those of you who find editing hard or arduous). Yet I’m still looking at my manuscript and wondering…


-Eris “Sea of Despair” O’Reilly

(Also, “Sea of Hyperbole.”)

(And “Sea of Uncomfortable Metaphors.”)



Friday Fic Recs: More Avengers

This week I’m back on the fanfics. Still Avengers. Still Steve/Tony. Still movie based (for the most part). But it’s also a bit different. Today, I’m only talking about one fanfic.

One long fanfic.

It is currently at 227,287 words, and it’s still being updated. Not to mention the companion arc, which is nearing 100,000 words all on its own.

Ladies and gents, if you want to spend the next month reading fanfiction, please look up scifigrl47’s Toasterverse series. It’s hilarious and smart and quick-witted and heart-wrenchingly beautiful, all in equal parts. And like I said, it’s still being updated. The author has been steadily adding more chapters on a pretty regular basis, I’ve noticed.

Oh, and if you get to the end of the 220k+ words and still need more, there is a companion arc set in the same universe called Phil Coulson’s Case Files. It’s primarily Phil/Clint in nature, and there are other background pairings.

It’s good. It’s very good.

I highly recommend it.

Stuff I’m Into, Part Deux

This month I’ve seem to have fallen back on nostalgic favorites. Both of these series are pretty near and dear to my heart, and have been for several years now. Rewatching/rereading them is like wrapping myself up in my old childhood blankets. Sometimes one just needs a bit of familiar comfort, you know?

The Jill Kismet series, by Lilith Saintcrow

I pick up this series of books every once in awhile when I need an extra kick in the pants. Now, I tend to gush about Lilith Saintcrow–I adore her writing and her characters. She has such real, visceral characters that I feel like, sometimes, they are real people and Lilith is merely their biographer. They have flaws and make mistakes, but their flaws are mistakes are normal, what regular, every day sort of people would make. (I’ve read stories where authors, in attempt to balance out the mistake/success ratio, would make their characters do stupid, inconceivable things. It’s jarring to me, and I frequently stop reading a book if it happens too many times).

Anyway, because her characters are so real to me, I have a hard time talking about them. It’s like asking me, “Oh, do you like Jill?” To which I answer, “Of course, she’s a really neat gal.” Then you would reply, “Why is that?”

And my answer is, inevitably, “Um, because she is…?”

Yeah, sometimes I’m just not capable of detailed analysis when it comes to things I like.

But I have been thinking a lot about Jill Kismet and her six books Ms. Saintcrow has been so kind as to write for us. I like Jill because she gets stuff done. It may not be pretty, and she may not always be right, but she always gets back up and finishes the job. Always.

Sometimes, I need that reminder in my life. Sometimes I need that inspiration to get up and finish a job. And even though I’m on the fourth read-through of the entire series (by six, I will have most of it memorized, I’m sure), Jill consistently gives me the kick in the pants I need to get up and get stuff done.

And besides, Jill is freaking cool.

(Oh, one last thing: the Jill Kismet series is now in one large omnibus volume! Convenient!)


I’ve been watching a lot of Castle recently. Mostly because I’ve have a knitting project I’m finishing up, and I like to have something on while I’m playing with yarn. But Castle has been near and dear to my heart ever since it started in 2009. I mean, a cop drama about a bestselling author who tags along with a homicide detective? C’mon, the show was practically written for me.

The one thing that I really like about Castle (besides Nathan Fillion–although, he is a pretty big draw for me), is that it seems like every time I watch it, I become inspired to write. Not in the same way that reading a Jill Kismet novel inspires me to write, mind. No, I watch the show, watch Nathan Fillion gallivanting around as best-selling author Richard Castle, a man who’s rich and famous and did it all by writing books… and I get jealous. I want that stuff. I could have that stuff. He did it all by writing, so why can’t I?

Yes, I get it. The odds of making that sort of scratch from writing is astronomically against my favor. I get that it’s a character written for a television show; a character written for a cop drama, no less. Yes, yes, I understand all that.

It’s irrational, sure. But that blind jealousy inspires me to write, so why look a gift horse in the mouth?

And besides, the show is pretty good. And I like Nathan Fillion. Win-win, right?

That’s all for this month. Catch you later!




Friday Review: Dead Things

Quick thing before I get to the amazing Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore.

Yes, I’m aware that I missed the last two Friday reviews. I’ve been busy. 😛 And no, I’m not ready to post about it yet. And I’ve also decided to broaden my Friday review posts to include book reviews, and possibly movie reviews (if the mood strikes me). Next week I’ll have another set of fic recommendations, but for now, I want to tell you about this book I read.

Dead Things, by Stephen Blackmoore.

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Blog Hop: Cloudy With a Chance of Satan

I’ve decided to participate in a blog hop. It’s supposed to help showcase new works by writers, especially those that are due to come out soon in book format. So… it may be a bit soon for me, but I thought that I’d go ahead and participate. If anything, it’ll help prepare me for these questions in the future when I do have something coming out.

Anyway, without further ado, I present:


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