Friday Review: Dead Things

Quick thing before I get to the amazing Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore.

Yes, I’m aware that I missed the last two Friday reviews. I’ve been busy. 😛 And no, I’m not ready to post about it yet. And I’ve also decided to broaden my Friday review posts to include book reviews, and possibly movie reviews (if the mood strikes me). Next week I’ll have another set of fic recommendations, but for now, I want to tell you about this book I read.

Dead Things, by Stephen Blackmoore.

In order to tell you about Dead Things, I have to backtrack and tell you about Stephen Blackmoore’s first book, City of the Lost. I first heard about Mr. Blackmoore and his blog, L.A.Noir, from Lilith Saintcrow (and for those of you that know me, knows that she is my favorite author).  So I read his blog, and found it interesting. Checked in every couple of weeks to see what he had to say.

Then, he announces that he has a book coming out–his first. About an undead thug named Joe Sunday.

I thought, “What the hell?” I had a little extra money, so I picked it up next time I saw it in the stores.

I couldn’t put it down. Seriously. I bought it right before I had a family function I needed to attend. As I live in the same town as my parents, we usually car pool to wherever our relatives want to drag us to next. I brought the book with me, as the car ride would have been long (very long) and boring without SOMETHING to occupy my time. I started reading it in the car, and I had it almost finished by the end of the day (much to the annoyance of the family, I’m sure).

Also? I kept laughing. The book cracked me up. I remember my mother, sitting in the front seat, turning to look at me every so often, wondering what the hell would make her adult daughter laugh so much. And I couldn’t explain it to her. Because I was laughing at the scene where Joe’s friend and partner-in-crime stabs himself with a busted tequila bottle.

The scene was disturbing enough without having to explain to my mother why it made me laugh.

Anyway, so I love the book. And when I heard that Mr. Blackmoore had another book coming out, set in the same world as City of the Lost, I knew I had to have it.

And it was great.

Eric Carter is a necromancer (didn’t you know I had a thing for necromancy? No? Well, now you do). His sister is murdered, so he heads back up to his home town of L.A. to find her killer. In doing so, he stirs up old ghosts (pun intended) he thought he had long put to rest.

Turns out he was wrong.

Add in a creepy Aztex goddess, an ex-girlfriend, an adorable waitress, and more betrayal than you can shake a stick at, and Eric has his hands full from the get-go.

Dead Things has that pulpy, part-whodunit, part-action/thriller that I like in a good novel. The characters are smart, but not infallible. Eric is a bundle of faults that is surprisingly likeable. The action is quick and well-paced. There’s nary a slow moment in the whole novel.

All in all, it’s a great book. It may not be very enlightening philosophically, but it’s interesting and entertaining as hell. It’s quick and satisfying, and something I could read multiple times. And that, my friends, is just as good as a novel that is supposed to teach me something.

So, kudos to Mr. Blackmoore. Dead Things is really great. Keep ’em coming.

Catch you next time!




Author: Eris O'Reilly

I'm a writer, artist, knitter, crocheter, cat wrangler, zombie hunter, and law enthusiast. Also, I am a complete and utter fangirl. I like silliness.

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