Teen Wolf is HERE (Thoughts on Ssn 3, Ep 1: Tattoo)

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So, the season premiere of Teen Wolf was Monday, as some (most? All??) of you know. Seems like I and everyone else in the freaking nation watched it. Most watched broadcast to date. Seriously people, this is so incredibly awesome. 😀

I live-tweeted my immediate reactions to it (@ErisOReilly) (as I will to all upcoming episodes), trying to keep the spoilery nature  out of most of my comments because I knew some people wouldn’t be able to catch it on TV. Now, though, I feel there’s been enough time that I can safely comment on some of the specifics on the episode. (Five days is long enough, right? Right.)

Here we go.

In a word, Tattoo was amazing.

Okay, I could be biased (because I absolutely friggin’ love the show). But I saw a lot of character development in this episode that gives me very high hopes for the rest of the season. Scott and Derek were actually working together.

Seriously, I squee’d.

Scott seemed like he’d done some growing up, which is great, because as much as I loved his little dumbass antics in the first two seasons, he was really starting to annoy the crap out of me. Now, (okay, granted, we only have one episode to go off of here, so I could be reading way more into this than I ought) he seems to at least be willing to slow down to listen once in awhile.

Although, anyone else annoyed by his decision to trade in his favor from Derek to get a freaking tattoo? Raise your hands. Seriously, Scott, what?

But I guess Scott can’t grow up too quickly. He’s what? Seventeen now?

Speaking of tattoos, if the only way a werewolf can get one is to literally burn it into their flesh, then does that mean someone went after Derek’s back with a propane torch? Because I find this deeply unsettling in so many ways. (Or maybe just because that would freaking hurt).

And Derek! Look it him, all being communicative and stuff! And telling Scott and Stiles he needs all the help he can get. I am serioulsy proud of him. He gives me momma bear feels, I swear to God.

He seems sadder this season, though. I noticed the parallels between last season and this episode, when Derek saves Stiles from a full-moon-ified Isaac in the police station. Derek does this little arrogant, smirky head turn and jauntily tells Stiles “I’m an Alpha.” Jaunty, I say.

This time? Saving Scott in the elevator? He looks sad.

I suppose after everything that’s happened, he just can’t hide it anymore. His pack is in shambles, he still can’t find Erica and Boyd after four months of searching. The Alpha pack is in town, but I’m guessing they haven’t done much, which means Derek has been waiting and searching for four months and  nothing has happened, and that’s enough to put any man on edge. But Derek doesn’t look so much ‘on edge’ as resigned.

And this makes me deeply sad for him.

It also pretty much freaking guarantees that I continue watching the show.

Anyway, there are several more things that I would like to briefly comment on (but not analyze until we get a few more episodes under our collective belts). First? The twins are creepy as fuck.

Second: Stiles totally called it. Jesus Christ, those birds? Can you get any creepier, Jeff Davis & co.??

Third: Allison, darling, I love you. I do. You are nigh flawless in every way. (And I hope you get to kick some ass soon, because girl, it looks like you need some cheering up.) But your hair this season is… not nice things. Please tell hair and makeup to not do it again.

Fourth: Lydia, your replacement!Jackson is showing. Also, did you lose weight? (You look nice, you do. But every time someone in Hollywood loses a lot of weight, I worry about if it’s pressure to conform to a body image ideal, and it makes me want to hit things with bricks. Holland, do you need me to hit someone with a brick for you? Because I will. In a heartbeat. Like the angry momma bear I am).

Fifth: First shirtless person of the season was… some random dude! Who guessed it? Anyone? Anyone? Not me. (I literally had money riding on Derek. Goddamnit.)

Okay, that’s enough rambling for now. I will be back next week, with my thoughts on the next episode.

Omigoodness, I am so excited, I can hardly sit still!

– Eris O’Reilly


Teen Wolf is on MTV, 10pm/9pm (central). WATCH IT.


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