Friday Fanfic Recs: Nerd!Derek

It’s Friday! I’m bringing back my fanfic recommendations! This week, it’s Teen Wolf, mostly because it’s my current obsession, and I have a backlog of hundreds of fics bookmarked from the fandom. So, for this week, I’ve selected a few of my favorite nerdy Derek fics, (Stiles/Derek in nature, because Sterek) and nothing is better than Derek being a total and utter nerd.

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My (Slightly Ranting) Post on Ms. Blake

Okay, I’ve briefly stated my opinion on Ms. Blake a couple of times in my reviews. Today, I’m going to go more in-depth on my feelings on her character.

Ms. Blake: Who Is She?

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Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 7: Currents

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So, my friend Michelle and I came up with a rating system on how painful the Teen Wolf episodes are. I watch them first (because I have access to cable TV and she doesn’t), then give her a bit of a warning on how the episode was without spoiling anything for when she watches it the next day. We rate it with glasses of wine (as in, how many we needed to consume to numb the pain in order to get to the ending credits).

This episode was four glasses of wine painful.

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Things are Heating Up: Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 6: Motel California

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We are halfway through this story arc, and things are heating up. (Get it? Heating up? Yeah, I slay me). Even with the pain inducing, soul-clutching terror of the episode (I think I broke my friend’s hand squeezing it while we watched in utter horror at the things our beloved wolf-babies had to endure), ‘Motel California’ is probably my favorite episode thus far.

There is just so, so much that went right with this episode.


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Update on the War on Sugar

It’s Thursday. I have officially survived a week without sugar. And in that week, I have learned quite a few things about myself.

For one, I was (am?) definitely addicted to sugar. The first couple of days I was utterly restless. I couldn’t get to sleep—tossing and turning for most of the night. On Day Three, I actually thought I would kill someone if it got me a bag of M&Ms. And I’m not talking about a momentary flash of mild musing—I’m talking full on, several hours sitting on my couch, planning how to hide a body and how utterly sweet that first bit of chocolate would be.

It was right about then that I realized my problem was more severe that I first considered.

But, I’m doing better now. I still get cravings (like woah, do I get cravings) but they don’t last half an afternoon. They’re… momentary now. And easy to ignore or subvert.

I’m finding I’m drinking a lot more water and eating a lot more fruit, now. And really, I guess that’s a really good thing. Healthy.

I still want a goddamned candy bar, though.

Anyway! You may have noticed the new layout that went up yesterday. I like it. I think I’ll keep it. 😀 Let me know if anything appears wonky with it, and I’ll try to troubleshoot.


Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 5: Frayed. Like My Nerves.

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I’m just going to jump right in. Gotta be honest here folks, I wasn’t that impressed with the episode. The plot progression wasn’t bad, and I loved the bus scenes, but… flashbacks? Really? That’s the best way you can come up with to forward your narrative?

The back and forth between present and past (even though it was only ‘last night’) was jarring and it broke the tension too much for me to really get into it. Honestly, if they really wanted to do the flashback thing, they should have kept all the flashbacks as one long segment in the middle of the episode, instead of flipping between the two storylines. It would have held my attention better, for one.

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Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 4: Unleashed

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A lot of things happened in this episode. Not all of them good, but the majority of them were. I could literally rant about this episode for pages upon pages, but I’m just going to pick out a few of my favorite scenes. (And maybe do a longer post about some of the more specific things we saw this episode, like Lydia’s whatever the hell thing, or the twins, or the darach business). Instead, I will open with this.

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