Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 4: Unleashed

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A lot of things happened in this episode. Not all of them good, but the majority of them were. I could literally rant about this episode for pages upon pages, but I’m just going to pick out a few of my favorite scenes. (And maybe do a longer post about some of the more specific things we saw this episode, like Lydia’s whatever the hell thing, or the twins, or the darach business). Instead, I will open with this.

This episode was fantastic when it came to relationship development. We got to see new characters paired up with old favorites, and old characters that never really got to interact with each other before literally stuck in closets together. We got to see Isaac working with Scott and Allison. We also got to see the twins and their kinky perversions. And we got… well, a lot more Isaac. Isaac was everywhere. (And I loved it). Was it just me, or was Isaac making eyes at Allison, like, a lot? (And here I thought Isaac had a thing for Scott. Anyone remember that? Back in Season 2?) Gotta say, I am pleased with these sudden Isaac developments. Daniel Sharman needs all of the screen time.

Although, if they could just stop locking him in tiny spaces to do it, I’d be a lot happier.

Scott McCall is dating BOTH of these BAMFs.
Scott McCall is dating BOTH of these BAMFs.

Speaking of character interactions, we see another small moment of Derek and Ms. Blake. And I didn’t really like it. It seemed shoe-horned in, like “Oh yeah, we gotta make sure the audience knows that she’s the love interest.” I’m just not really buying the whole ‘Derek checking up on random damsel’ thing. Unless he really was intent on threatening her.

Plus, what kind of English teacher doesn’t know how to talk to a bunch of teenagers about The Crucible? I mean, if she walked into class that day without a lesson plan at all, maybe I’d understand the freak-out. But, she already assigned the reading. She should have some idea already of what to do the lesson over.

I’m just not buying it. Any of it.

Okay, I take that back. Derek as a secret book nerd? Oh my god, I called it. Yes!

But that’s it. That’s the only part of the scene that made sense to me.

Another “what the fuck?” moment happens with Derek and Deucalion. (Can we call him Deuces? It’s shorter. God, what I wouldn’t give to have Stiles call him ‘Deuces’ just once). Yes, yes, plotty monologuing: very interesting. Stabbing Derek with a long cylindrical object (very Freudian, thanks): painful but acceptable (Derek’s sadly used to it). Petting Derek’s face and saying “He looks just like his mother”: creepy and villainous.

Deucalion screaming in Derek’s face “I AM THE DEMON WOLF!” (complete with ominous flash of lightning)?


What the ever-loving fuck, Teen Wolf?

Seriously, did this man get his villainous monologuing lessons at a discount price because he paired with Gerard? (“MOUNTAIN AAAAASH!” “DEMON WOOOOOLF!”)

I am sorely disappointed that Peter didn’t flounce in to out-creepify him. Seriously. What the fuck, Teen Wolf? (I can’t decide what made it worse: him calling himself a ‘demon wolf,’ him screaming it, or the stupid flash of lightning. Really guys, really).

But on to happier things. We get another moment of Stiles and Danny this episode, which initially made me squee with little girl happiness (not to mention laughter, because it was funny). After, I started actually analyzing it. Here we have a kid who, underneath the obvious “smother it with humor so people don’t actually realize how truly upset I am” jokes, is actually terrified that he might be next in line for ritualistic murder, based solely on the fact he hasn’t lost his v-card. And then Danny, a boy he’d not only bribed on a few occasions (once with tantalizing were-wolf man nipples—thanks Derek!) but also questioned repeatedly if he “found him attractive,” comes up and offers to take care of that pesky virginity problem Stiles has.

Stile’s first reaction? “Aw, how sweet!”

This reaction pleases me to no end. Because this isn’t the reaction of a straight boy. No, this is the reaction of a kid who is very willing to take up Danny on his offer. Not just because of the possible imminent death, but because Stiles is kinda into dudes.

I just love this, okay? The show had been teasing us for a while about Stiles’ sexuality, and this just settles it for me. Stiles is bi. (Or maybe pan?) This show is doing wonders for LGBTQ representation, and I am loving every second of it.


I not only have a thing for you, but Danny as well. Maybe Scott. Definitely Derek. And that chick over there? HOT.
I not only have a thing for you, but Danny as well. Maybe Scott. Definitely Derek. And that chick over there? HOT.

Yay for Stiles! Yay for Teen Wolf! And yay for Harris finally biting it! (The guy was a douche. Seriously. No love lost there).

That is all.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays, 10/9 (central) on MTV. Check it out!

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