Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 5: Frayed. Like My Nerves.

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I’m just going to jump right in. Gotta be honest here folks, I wasn’t that impressed with the episode. The plot progression wasn’t bad, and I loved the bus scenes, but… flashbacks? Really? That’s the best way you can come up with to forward your narrative?

The back and forth between present and past (even though it was only ‘last night’) was jarring and it broke the tension too much for me to really get into it. Honestly, if they really wanted to do the flashback thing, they should have kept all the flashbacks as one long segment in the middle of the episode, instead of flipping between the two storylines. It would have held my attention better, for one.

Also, I didn’t believe for a second that Derek was actually dead. (I mean, come on. It’s Tyler Hoechlin. IMDB has him cast in the rest of the episodes. They’re not going to write off his character).

A few good things came out of this episode though. Isaac’s love of Mexican, for one. (I cannot adequately describe how loudly I screamed when I saw that. MEXICAN? MEXICAN???!!!!

Oh Teen Wolf, you do know how to make a girl’s heart flutter, don’t you?)

Dude, you know what else I love about Mexican? Scott. Scott's Mexican. I love Mexican.
Dude, you know what else I love about Mexican? Scott. Scott’s Mexican. I love Mexican.

Allison’s mom suddenly appearing was also an interesting touch. One of the things I had wished for in the last season was more interaction between the two—we saw Mrs. Argent nearly exclusively with Scott or Chris Argent. We never really got to see what she was like with her daughter.

And boy, that was an eye opener. I feel a bit bad for Allison. Sure, her mom taught her how to be tough, but no wonder she fell so easily for Scott. Poor girl is in desperate need for a hug.


No hugs until your chores are done, young lady.
No hugs until your chores are done, young lady.

But her sudden hallucination of her mother didn’t save the scene for me though. I just really couldn’t wrap my head around the whole ‘Scott not healing because Derek is dead’ thing. Yes, Scott is a smoopy kid with lots of feelings, but really? His friends have been hurt before and he’s healed just fine. Derek’s been dead before, and he managed to overcome his psychological trauma from it. Why now?

Now, if you had told me that he had been subtly poisoned by the Alphas? That, I’d believe. After all, he was bleeding black blood. I’d totally buy wolfsbane poisoning over psychosomatic symptoms any day.

Although, good on Lydia for jumping right into the whole werewolf thing and barely batting an eye. It’s about time she had some actual say beyond “damsel that needs rescuing.” Lydia’s smart. Insanely smart. She needs to get caught up in all the supernatural happenings so she and Stiles can solve all the problems, letting the rest of the season just be scenes of the wolves playing merrily on the lacrosse field while she and Allison go shopping.

Okay, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. But seriously, the girl’s got skills—let her use them.

Oh, and speaking of Lydia? I’d like to talk about her scene with Aiden.

Usually on television, when there’s a scene of two teenagers (almost always cis-straight and good looking), the boy is doing all the action and the girl is along for the ride. (Michelle even mentioned, when I brought this up to her, that most romance novels are also written this way). This kind of thing isn’t necessarily wrong, but there are a lot issues with it. Issues like proper portrayal of consent, or healthy relationship dynamics.

This scene, though, has several dynamics that I wholeheartedly approve of. First, when Lydia pulls back, Aiden immediately stops and asks her “What’s wrong?”

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Too maybe similar scenes has the man (it could be any gender, but let’s face it: it’s always the man being portrayed doing this), just continuing blithely along.

And what does Lydia say? That’s they’re moving too fast? That she’s got a boyfriend currently futzing around on Arrow—I mean, in London, and she’d really like to be faithful to him? That they’re on school property and she’d like to be not expelled?

Nope, she asks, “Where are your hands?” And continues to tell him that she’s “not a nun,” and he needs to put said hands somewhere useful.

I am going to ride you like a pony.
I am going to ride you like a pony.

This is a girl taking charge of her own pleasure. This is a boy who is helping her get the most out of their time. This is a couple—even if it’s more hook-up than relationship—that is conscientious of each other and is willing to pause in the middle of their heated making out to make sure they’re both on the same page.

Hell fucking yes. We need more of this on television.

Just, next time? Don’t do the flashbacks.

 Teen Wolf airs on Mondays, 10/9 (central) on MTV. Check it out!


Author: Eris O'Reilly

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