Things are Heating Up: Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 6: Motel California

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We are halfway through this story arc, and things are heating up. (Get it? Heating up? Yeah, I slay me). Even with the pain inducing, soul-clutching terror of the episode (I think I broke my friend’s hand squeezing it while we watched in utter horror at the things our beloved wolf-babies had to endure), ‘Motel California’ is probably my favorite episode thus far.

There is just so, so much that went right with this episode.


We get Team Human banding together to save the day. And they did save the day. They are the only ones that went around rescuing the werewolves, and they succeeded. Nobody died this episode, and it was amazing. In fact, no one really got hurt. (What’s a few burns when you have werewolf healing powers?)

These guys didn’t just work together, they conquered together. And I love what it says about the themes of the show. It’s always the humans that are getting stuff done—whether they’re the villains (Matt, Gerard, Kate) or the good guys (Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Danny). The werewolves (with the exception of Scott) are mostly reactionary characters—it’s always the humans that are planning and scheming and driving the action forward.

These three teenaged humans are the most dangerous people on this show.
These three teenaged humans are the most dangerous people on this show.

And I really, really like that message. You don’t need supernatural powers to make an impact. You just need to act.

So, Stiles and Lydia and Allison were total BAMFs and rescued their wolfie friends from some truly torturous hallucinations.

Meanwhile, Derek was having magical healing sex with Ms. Blake.

I am… utterly conflicted. Yes, I am really, really glad that Derek is getting some. (Like, that poor boy needs something to finally go right in his life). I even liked that when Ms. Blake (dude, at this point I’m just refusing to call her Jennifer on the principle she’s barely a character beyond BLATANT STEREOTYPE) kisses him and pulls back, he has this moment of hesitation and then just goes for it. You can see him process the situation and decide, “Yes, yes I want this and I can do this.”

Mind you, Derek Hale is a man with severe sexual trauma. That mostly goes by the name Kate Argent.

But Derek did decide to take this for himself, and take what Ms. Blake was offering. And possibly (at least, this is what it seemed to me the show was trying to get across) in doing so, decide that he deserved at least, for the moment, to live, and thereby allowing himself to heal from his injuries. (Because apparently he was suffering from the same psychosomatic “I can’t allow myself to heal because of reasons” that Scott suffered from last episode).

Okay? Okay. Now let’s talk about Ms. Blake.

Like I said, I refuse to call her Jennifer because so far she’s just a cardboard cut-out character. We’ve seen her as: teacher, damsel in distress, damsel out of distress, and teacher damsel getting into a car and then getting, once again, distressed.

Seriously, if she wants me to respect her as a character, she needs to start showing me some layers. (And by ‘she,’ I don’t mean Haley Webb, whom I like. I mean ‘she,’ the writers, speaking through her voice. *nudge poke nudge*)

Yet at the same time, I’m starting to think perhaps they are holding her character development back for a reason. Perhaps Ms. Blake is only acting like the stereotypical love interest because Ms. Blake herself is acting?

No really, go with me here.

Ms. Blake suddenly shows up as the new teacher in town. You know who else shows up at the same time? The Darach, that’s who. And we know that the Darach has some kind of tie to the school, because he OR SHE had access to the Coach’s whistle. And seriously, who stays up that late at night at a school to do paperwork, then conveniently finds herself in the boiler room to get attacked by two moon-maddened werewolves only to be saved by the Alpha of resident pack?

And what kind of English teacher suggests that Romeo and Juliet used anything to their advantage? Honestly, she’s kind of a sucky English teacher.

Kind of light for a theory, I know, but I’m still working on it.

I'm sleeping with you to further my plans on torturing and killing all your friends.
I’m sleeping with you to further my plans on torturing and killing all your friends.

And if it turns out I’m right, that Ms. Blake secretly is the Darach, then… well. I feel even more badly for Derek. Because that’ll be the second woman he’s slept with that tried to kill everyone around him.

With a record like that? I’d be turned off of women forever.

(Thank God this is Teen Wolf, and there seems to be plenty of hot men to take Derek up on a gay experimentation offer).

Oh. And Danny and Ethan were this close to having sex. I am suddenly very much rooting for Ethan to ditch his Alpha Pack friends for Danny. Really, really, really hoping this happens.

Also, those two boys are incredibly hot. Yowza.

Seriously. Still one of my favorite episodes. Ever. Good job, Teen Wolf. Keep ‘em coming.

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays, 10/9 (central) on MTV. Check it out!



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