Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 7: Currents

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So, my friend Michelle and I came up with a rating system on how painful the Teen Wolf episodes are. I watch them first (because I have access to cable TV and she doesn’t), then give her a bit of a warning on how the episode was without spoiling anything for when she watches it the next day. We rate it with glasses of wine (as in, how many we needed to consume to numb the pain in order to get to the ending credits).

This episode was four glasses of wine painful.

It certainly didn’t start that way. Yes, seeing Danny hurt in the beginning hurt, but like he said himself last episode, he’s “a survivor.” Made better by the fact that it was Ethan that brought him in and who hovered worriedly over him while Melissa McCall was a totally bad ass nurse in scrubs. (Perhaps he will learn a lesson from this, that caring for people is a better way to go than scrabbling for power—which seems to be the Alpha Pack’s main purpose).

And Scott and Isaac’s scene in Melissa’s bedroom was so fluff-worthy, I had to look for spontaneously appearing kittens and rainbows. Just… omg levels of cute, okay?

Mom, I hope this doesn't look like we made out in your room all night then fell asleep. Because that's not what happened. Not really. Maybe just a bit...
We did not make out in your room all night and then fall asleep. Not really. Okay, maybe just a bit…

Then the episode gets kind of dark.

I am a bit… suspicious of why the Alpha Pack chose Ms. Blake to threaten Derek with. Sure, they could probably smell him on her but… would they have? Really? They most likely kidnapped her straight from school. Meaning the twins would have had to smell him on her to know that she was their prime target. But do they know what Derek smells like? Enough to pick it off a teacher who’s probably not only had a shower (or two) since she last saw Derek, but also encountered innumerable other persons, in the form of her students and other teachers? (I’m still young enough to remember high school. Those hallways were packed. There’s no way she didn’t have to get up close and personal to at least a dozen or two people just to get to her classroom or the bathroom or whatnot). None of the betas know about Derek and Ms. Blake yet, so the twins couldn’t have overheard them talking about it. The question remains…


I'm seriously regretting writing "Jennifer + Derek = 5ever" on the chalkboard
I’m seriously regretting writing “Jennifer + Derek = 5ever” on the chalkboard.

Really, I don’t think this is a plot hole. I think this is a plot point.

I think Ms. Blake is working for the Alphas. Or something. Even though she was teaching a class at the time, I’m still not convinced that she isn’t the Darach. (She could have cast a spell that took Deaton. Or something).

I think she’s a plant. And has been the entire time. (And that thought makes me feel really, really sad for Derek. Who’s gone through enough crap already without adding yet another romantic partner for which to beat himself up over).

Derek has gone through enough. He had already gone through enough before this episode even happened. I’m really starting to wonder what the purpose is of making him go through this much crap. Seriously, does Teen Wolf want him to just break completely? Because Derek’s on the verge of a complete and utter mental breakdown. There is seriously only so much a person can handle, and I think he’s met his limit, and then some. It was bad enough with Erica, and now Boyd? Isaac is his only beta left, and Derek ran him out.

The only people Derek’s got left is Cora, whom he doesn’t yet trust, and Peter, whom he definitely doesn’t trust. Possibly ever. That’s it. That’s everyone he has left.

He can’t make it on just that.

I’m glad, sort of, to see Stiles offering him comfort in Boyd’s aftermath. Because if there’s one character who seems really in touch with what it’s like to lose someone close to you, someone you know you’ll never be able to replace, it’s Stiles. And judging by their interactions thus far this season, I think there’s a good chance that Derek is going to start relying on Stiles more. Allowing him in behind the walls, even just a little bit, so to speak.

He definitely needs to let someone who isn’t going to betray him in. (Which loops me back around to Ms. Blake, but I’ll save it for another post).

Anyway, one last thing before I log off:


I've narrowed it down to drugs or mythological creatures, boys. And I'm reasonably sure it's not drugs.
I’ve narrowed it down to drugs or mythological creatures, boys. And I’m reasonably sure it’s not drugs.

Seriously, though. After all of this? After that incredibly bad ass save (He shot the rope! Do you understand how motherfucking difficult that is? The Sheriff is my new Chuck Norris, I kid you not), the Sheriff deserves some answers. Yes, I know that Stiles and Scott talked about it (which is more than they’ve ever done before), but that’s not enough.

He has to know. He’s earned it.

And, to leave you on a slightly more light-hearted note: when Ms. Morell said no one, not the Sheriff, would be able to find Deaton, did anyone else catch the silent “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” that ran through Sheriff Stilinski’s head? I did. I so did.

(Also, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend you watch the Teen Wolf Revelations segment they played after the episode. Daniel Sharman is literally a puppy. The adorableness of this cast cannot be believed).

Teen Wolf airs on Mondays, 10/9 (central) on MTV. Check it out!



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