It’s Time for a Change

Totally arbitrary photo of hands typing. (Photo courtesy of
Totally arbitrary photo of hands typing. (Photo courtesy of

We’re more than halfway through the year. I’ve had a lot of major life events happen, and not all of them for the better.

I’m thinking it’s time for a change.

Big ones. Small ones. Ones that are making me excited to think of all the new possibilities they’ll represent, and some that are making me utterly cringe (but I’m going to attempt anyway, because I know I need to do it).

So, first up on my list of major life overhauls I’m going to attempt?

I’m going to stop eating sugar.


Yeah, and really for the next 21 days.

I’m addicted to the stuff. I know it. So for the next 3 weeks (until the end of July, really), I’m going to try to go cold turkey. Ish. I’m still letting myself have a few teaspoons in my coffee. And tea. And like, if my cereal has some sugar in it, I’m not going to freak out.

But I’m not going to go buy the “sugary” cereals. Nor am I going to buy, bake, consume, or otherwise participate in cookies, pies, cakes, and any other pretty obvious desert/junk food.

(Oh god this is gonna suck).

I’m gonna do it. For three weeks. 21 days. I’ve got a calendar to count down the days and everything. (And boy, am I counting down already). Hopefully after this sorta sugar-free detox, I won’t be craving it half as much as I do now. And that, overall, will be better for me in the long run.

Oh, and the second thing I’m working on? Revising this website. I’ll probably be making a lot of visual changes to it over the weekend, so I apologize in advance for the mess. I think I can get it all hammered out by this time next week, though.

Yeah. Sugar, and website changes. Yes, I think I can do this.

(Oh god, I want a cookie).



Are We Done Yet? I’d Like to Get Off This Ride

First up, bit o’ news: I’ve got a post up on Fictional Ferrets, discussing my pantsing tendencies, and why I really, really really don’t like outlines. Go check it out!

Second: So. Couple of things, actually.

A) I lost my job.

No lying. I am currently unemployed. I’ve already had one interview though, so there’s hope. And if that doesn’t work out, I’ve got approximately a billion and a half contingency plans (unemployment, grad school, part-time at the book store, stripping…) (Okay, maybe not stripping. I have no rhythm for dance).

So, I’ll figure something out.

In the meantime, I’m working on my writing, which is actually going really, really well. Accept for the small fact that I’m not working on the projects I need to really finish, and am, instead, working on this massive Teen Wolf fanfiction (Projected Word Count: 150,000 words. Yeah. I know. I’m nuts).

*shrugs* The Muse wants what the Muse wants.

B) As of last night, I have no transportation. Or rather, I have temporarily made my car undriveable.

Yeah. Oops.

It started with a flat tire. I managed to pull over into a gas station, because I really, really don’t like pulling over on the side of the road. And I was quite proud of myself–I didn’t skid, or panic, or anything. I just calmly steered that car into a parking spot (in between the lines and everything!) like a BAMF. Oh yeah.

Then I realized that I didn’t really know how to change a flat tire. So I called my dad. He was less than a mile away from where I was, so it wasn’t long before he came to help.

Anyway, long story short: The jack broke or fell or something while he was changing the tire, and while he is okay, it totally busted up the wheel as the car fell brutally back to earth.

So, this morning (funny story: I am actually typing this up at midnight; look and be amazed as I reveal the secrets of night bloggers!) I will call a tow truck and see if I can’t find someone who can lift the damned thing instead of dragging it and making it worse so I can get it to my mechanic.

But in the meantime, yes. No transportation.

It’s okay. I didn’t have to go to work in the morning anyhow.

Oh, my life.