Update on Sugar Crap! YAY!

So… I survived. I made it three weeks (three weeks) without sugar. And I gotta say…

Damn. That was more difficult than I thought. It is utterly amazing how much a small little thing like sugar can be so… quickly overwhelming in one’s lifestyle. I mean, it’s not like I snorted cocaine or anything. It’s just sugar. People put it in their tea, eat it with their cereal, use it all the time. It should be this small controllable thing.

But it can quickly spiral out of control.

Anyway, I survived my three weeks, and I think I’m off of it now.  At the risk of being a bit too much TMI, the only really BAD portion (apart from the detox those first five or so days) was last week when I was on my period, and really, really wanted chocolate.

But I’m okay now. I really could care less about sugar.

Sure, a candy bar would taste good but… *shrugs* I don’t need it anymore.

Anyway (because I did have a point to posting about this), now that the sugar detox is over, I can move onto bigger and brighter things. Okay, maybe just harder ones. Whatever.

Starting.. um. Today. Now. RIGHT NOW, I will be limiting my calories to 1500 a day. Pretty standard for someone trying to lose weight and doing a… medium amount of exercise. (Shit, it’s what my doctor told me I should be doing about… two years ago. Hey, don’t judge. I’m finally doing it, right?)

As for exercise, I’ll pretty much continue doing what I’ve been doing, which is one hour, three times a week. (Can’t change too many things at once, right).

And that’s pretty much it. I’ll let myself indulge now, a bit, at say, birthday parties where there’s birthday cake or something, but… I don’t really want to backslide. That, and it’s really hard to fit cake into 1500 calories a day without utterly starving myself. (And I don’t do well when I’m hungry. Omg.)

So that’s it. For six weeks, I’ll be eating a bit less, and working on keeping up my exercise. I’ll probably check in every once and awhile, so be prepared to hear some whining. It doesn’t mean anything, I promise.

Look, it may be a bit late for bikini season, but by god I will get there eventually.




Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 8: Visionary

Teen Wolf logo
Image from MTV.com

Only a few more episodes left until the end of Season 3A (the first story arc). Like the last two seasons, this episode marks the end of the “second act,” putting all our questions on the board so that (hopefully) they’ll all be answered in the third act.

And it’s another flashback episode. Whereas Frayed just made me grit my teeth, this episode was actually good. (Probably because they set it up as a frame story with unreliable narrators).

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