Teen Wolf, Season 3, Episode 8: Visionary

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Only a few more episodes left until the end of Season 3A (the first story arc). Like the last two seasons, this episode marks the end of the “second act,” putting all our questions on the board so that (hopefully) they’ll all be answered in the third act.

And it’s another flashback episode. Whereas Frayed just made me grit my teeth, this episode was actually good. (Probably because they set it up as a frame story with unreliable narrators).

There was one thing I was left uncertain about. I get why Scott went to Gerard to talk about Deucalion–I mean, after the events of last episode, I’d be scrambling for anyway to stop him, too.

But Stiles? I’m really not sure why he stuck around to hear out Creepy Uncle Peter’s Dire-filled Story Time of Terror & Betrayal (trademark pending). Yeah, sure, he was checking up on Derek, but it also seemed like he was hanging out with Cora.

Like, when did that happen?

Okay, maybe missed something. Either way, it was bit weird.

Anyway, speaking of Creepy Uncle Peter… I felt a little bit bad for Michael Fjordbak, who played his young counterpart. I thought he was excellent last season, playing against Holland Roden’s Lydia. This season his acting was still great, but paled in comparison to Ian Nelson (aka–Baby!Derek).

Peter, you're like 20. Why are you hanging around in a high school boy's locker room?
Peter, you’re like 20. Why are you hanging around in a high school boy’s locker room?

Damn, that boy killed it. He was a fantastic Derek. Also, really, really sexy (so sexy I had to frantically google the kid’s age to reassure myself I wasn’t a pervert. Which, apparently I am. Ugh). His mannerisms, line delivery, facial expressions… I found myself watching him more than paying attention to the show. He was so spot on as a mini Tyler Hoechlin, it was beautiful to watch.

A young, carefree Derek I always wished to see.

Seriously, kudos to you, Mr. Nelson.

And now, for a different comment: I have to say, the more I think about the “Gerard” story line, I love it more and more. Because Gerard is the most unreliable of narrators–twisting the truth not to hide his wrongdoings (like it appeared to me what Peter was trying to do), but because he felt he was just.

No matter what he said about Deucalion, Gerard was–is–a fucking monster. What he did was unnecessary, but on top of that, sick and brutal. And he took pleasure in it. He enjoyed himself when he slaughtered Deucalion’s pack.

There is nothing righteous about slaughter.

The real monster of this show.
The real monster of this show.

I actually found myself sorry for Deucalion. (Bad puns aside) he was blinded by his naivete. He believed in a peaceful resolution, believed in a better world, and it nearly got him killed. It certainly drove him insane. ANd that is a special kind of tragic. Hope for a better future should never be cause for punishment.

And yet, here we are.

I’m starting to think everything bad in this show can be linked back to Gerard Argent.

But, there is happier news. Scott McCall, little Scoot McCute himself, has finally stepped up. Let’s face it, he had a handful of lines this episode, and he used most of them to put Gerard in his place. Holy freaking crap, Scott finally put on his BAMF pants.

I was skeptically at first, in the last episode at Scott’s supposed ‘true alpha’-ness. We’d seen hints about his ability to lead and be an alpha before, but this? This was a punch in the face. Scott just stepped up into an entirely different ball game, ladies and gentlemen, and he did it with a swagger.

I'm adorable AND a bad ass. Diggity.
I’m adorable AND a bad ass. Diggity.

I am so freaking excited, I can barely contain myself.

That being said, it he back slides, I am going to wring his adorable little neck.

C’mon Scott. Don’t let me down now.



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