2014 – [Insert Stereotypical “New Year, New Me” Comment Here]

Well, it’s 2014. Almost two weeks in, in fact. And I have to say, 2014 is already treating me better than 2013 did.

*glares at 2013*

Most people do these Year in Review things, but frankly, I’d kind of done with 2013. It’s been kicked to the curb, and I’d rather not remember it–fondly or otherwise.

So! 2014! I’m going to jump straight into the resolutions and goals! (And I’ll try not to get too TMI-y. Which is a word. Totally.)

First resolution: Get Laid. Which, incidentally, I have already accomplished. More about that in a second.

Second resolution: Lose Weight. That I am… working on. Sort of. In a fashion.

Okay, so the getting laid thing. I hadn’t gotten any in almost four years. (March 2010 was my last, er, encounter of the naked kind.) And, what with 2013 being the apocalyptic stink-bomb that it was, I had decided around Christmas that in 2014 I would do more to, you know, try to rectify that.

HA HA. JOKES ON ME. It was stupidly easy in hindsight. I was out, and I complained loudly that I hadn’t gotten any in a long, long time.

And a good friend of mine offered me the use of his penis for the night.


So, there’s one resolution off my list. I mean, I’d like to keep the theme of the year going and maybe find a more permanent solution to my lack of sexy-times, but hey! Good start and all that right?

Now I just have to get my fat ass to the gym more.


(Oh hells, I was going to talk about goals, too, right? Okay, here goes–very quickly:

– Write a spec script

– Finish one manuscript (hopefully Cloudy with a Chance of Satan, or maybe even Drama Wolves)

– Write, edit & post my Beacon Hills Reboot, all three (four?) parts. (That’s right, kids. I rewrote Teen Wolf. The whole damn thing.)

– Finally finish my forever on hold Chuck Made Them Do It (because it’s about goddamned time that I did).

There. There are my goals for the new year. Over and out. – E)


Author: Eris O'Reilly

I'm a writer, artist, knitter, crocheter, cat wrangler, zombie hunter, and law enthusiast. Also, I am a complete and utter fangirl. I like silliness.

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