May Write Motivation: Week 2

…HOW is it that the second week of May is already over?

I know I’ve been busy lately, but I really am starting to wonder if time is moving faster. Maybe it’s not as linear as everyone thinks? (If that’s the case, we need time machines, like stat.)

Anyway, here’s how I’m fairing.

  • Edit the first draft of Monsters & Ghosts. – I am 6 pages in! I have to do a lot of rewriting on it, but it’s already worth it. I think this is going to be a great story! 😀 So excited!
  • Edit the second draft of my friend’s story. – I will attempt to get to this this weekend. We’ll see. (I have stuff I want to bring home from work and work on first, so… that’s a very big “We’ll see.”)
  • Finish and post two side stories. – I have two nearly written? Also, I’ve been email writing another couple of stories, so I might be able to piece those together and get them done too, before month’s end.
  • Stretch Goal: Finally finish that art commission you were given like, four months ago. – I… still haven’t started. I am a terrible person.
  • Stretch Goal: Edit that other story for a friend (assuming, of course, she finishes it.) – Looks like she’s nearly done! And I have the first quarter to a third already betaed, so I should be able to finish it up relatively quickly when she is finally done on it. 🙂
  • Stretch Goal: Write another 10k on the BHReboot Part 2. – I feel like a terrible fandom author. I wanted this thing done and posted in like, March, and here it is May already. I’ll work on this. I promise.
  • Extra Goal: Read three books. – I have read a whopping seven books this month. Seriously. Fifteen days, seven books. I AM A READING MACHINE. (Also, this probably explains why I haven’t gotten more done on my goals…)
  • Extra Goal: Work my way through three research books. – I have started a few of them, but I haven’t technically finished any. I really just to pick one, sit down, and finish it.
  • Extra Goal: Write my Teen Wolf and Consent master dissertation. –  I still need to rewatch the episodes and take notes on them. But I have an idea from what I remember of the episodes of how I’m going to structure this and what path it’s going to take.
  • Extra Goal: Do my 5k Training program. – I haven’t done any work outs at all this week. 😦 I am falling behind. (Okay, that’s a misnomer. I haven’t done any of my 5k training program work outs this week. But I have been walking about once, sometimes twice a week with a friend. Not to mention all the crazy exercise I get by working at the bookstore. All in all, my progress on the exercise front is doing well. 😀 So I’m happy about that.)

Other things that are coming up this month that I also need to put my attention to are a couple of birthdays–one next week!–and a major Memorial Day weekend party that will end up requiring costumes and potluck coordination. The costume will be pretty simple, I hope. I’m going in traditional ancient Grecian dress, so basically a sheet pinned and roped to me and draped artistically. Minimal sewing involved, so that’ll be nice. Also, it’ll probably be hot outside, so it’s doubly good for me.

I’m also getting my hair dyed next (Memorial Day) weekend, so I am excited, nervous, and fretting about that. Excited, because I think it’s going to look really, really good on me, nervous because I’m afraid it won’t, and fretting because it’s going to cost me $95 before the tip. (So probably $125 after all’s said and done.) Just… OMG.

Also, I have picked out a new place to move into and I will be turning in my application for lease today! So I am excited. 😀 Also, nervous and fretting because moving and money. Gah.

How is your month going? Anything exciting going on? Are your projects going well?




Author: Eris O'Reilly

I'm a writer, artist, knitter, crocheter, cat wrangler, zombie hunter, and law enthusiast. Also, I am a complete and utter fangirl. I like silliness.

4 thoughts on “May Write Motivation: Week 2”

  1. Yay for progress! I haven’t read quite as many (aka: not nearly) books as you have this month, but I’ve definitely been doing more reading than I have for a while. It’s a nice feeling.

    What are you doing to your haaaaaaaair? 😀

    1. Haha, make that eight books now. 😀 And I’ve started going through all my research stuff too–I am debating adding those to the read-count as well. I am going to read ALL THE BOOKS this month. ALL OF THEM. XD

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