Quarterly Update 2015 (Spring)

Back in January I had a list of goals I wanted to accomplish. Here’s where I’m at right now.

1) Read 13 books. I have finished Gone Girl, Cocaine Blues, Transylvanian Fairy Tales, and The Raven Boys. (9 more to go!) I’m currently reading The Dream Thieves. 🙂

2) Clean my house. Still a trash heap. It may actually be worse than it was at the beginning of the year. Oi.

3) Paint six things. I have… 3 painting started and nothing finished yet. >< But I have 3 started! I should probably go ahead and make an effort to at least finish one of them. (I did, however, get a tentative quote on how much it would be to get them professionally photographed so I can upload the images to some kind of art sale site, like Society6.)

4) Draw the Rival Neighbors comic. I haven’t started drawing it, but I’m almost done editing the script. It needed some major revisions, but I think I’m getting the flow of it where I want it. 🙂

5) Write/Finish two long projects. I have…. done barely anything to this. Oi.

6) Write/Finish/Post seven shorter projects. OKAY. So I’ve finished 2 short things: Operation Smite Scott McCall’s Stupid Haters and FAILBOAT HOOKER STILES. I am working on another thing for the BiteTime contest right now, which is due on May 25 (personal goal: first draft done by April 20). I’m behind, but not like, impossibly behind on my writing schedule. Oh, and I have ideas/plot notes for 2 more shorts that I’m hoping to finish up mid-June.

7) Drink more water. I was doing really really well for the first couple of months, then these last two weeks I’ve been terrible. And I feel terrible for it. I’m trying to be better. ><

8) Cook more. I am getting a hell of a lot better at this. I am down to about going out once a week. I am most pleased with this. 🙂

9) Exercise more. And I’ve been doing great at this one! I am going to the gym twice a week pretty easily. I’m trying to work in a third session a week.

10) Pay off large credit card. Ugh, so it turns out that yes, I owe this large bill, but no, it is no longer an active credit card. >< It’s basically just a bill. They did some kind of restructuring earlier this year and because my credit score was below where it ought to have been, they canceled my account. And now I just owe them money. >< So I’m basically working off this large bill with no expectation of being able to use it in the future as a credit card. Which is disheartening. (And, as an update, I am under $2300 left to pay, which doesn’t seem like much, sure. But that’s pretty huge for me. Especially for someone who doesn’t like owing $60 to anyone.)


The Coffeepot Experiment

I have an experiment I’m conducting.

I’m going to get a coffeepot and bring it to work.

I know it doesn’t sound like much of an experiment, but hear me out. You know what weird little sub-clause in Murphy’s Law where if you plan for X, Y is nearly certain to happen? (Like, if you wash your car because tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, it will rain. That sub-clause.) I feel like I live my life in that little sub-clause.

And as a few of you may know, I am… not exactly thrilled at my job. So not thrilled, in fact, that I am slowly working on easing my way out of the office 9-to-5 life entirely. (I have a business plan and goals and everything! And wonders of wonders I’m actually achieving them! Slowly but surely!) It’s too early to tell when the final cut-off date is (I have my fingers crossed for early 2016) but yes. I am making progress and that light at the end of the tunnel is a pinprick but visible and I glory in it.

Anyway yes. So. Experiment. I am going to get a coffeepot and bring it to work. I am hoping that in doing so, I will invoke that little bastard of a sub-clause, what with the “bringing in an investment in the office 9-to-5 lifestyle” and thereby speed up my process of getting out sooner. Murphy’s Law is a bitch but goddamnit I am going to make it bend to my will.

So, we’ll see. 🙂 And hey, at least I’ll have coffee, right?

– Eris