2016 Can Suck It

There’s a very nice, polite review of the year for myself and the writing group I’m a part of (affectionately nick-named the Ferrets!) over here.

But I wanted to add in my own two cents.

This year… really kind of sucked. Lots of terrible things happened. Lots of people died. Personal idols, role models, people I admired. Family of friends died. Friends of friends.

Carrie fucking Fisher.

It’s been a tough year for funerals.

This election took a lot out of me. I followed the whole thing pretty closely–the whole campaigning year. And the results were personally devastating to me. To think that there are enough people in America to vote for a man who doesn’t consider me human; to think that there are enough people in America who actively claim to value their pocketbooks over human lives… it kicked me in the ribs. Several times.

I work for a guy who has told me to my face that he thinks his business and potential tax breaks are more important than my life. More important than me having access to the basic civil rights that he has–has in fact, told me, to my face, that “majority rules. It sucks, but all you minorities will just have to learn how to deal with it”; as if that’s supposed to make me feel better about being devalued as a human being. By my own boss. (And really, his comment? Doesn’t take into account that marginalized people–myself included–have been dealing with it. For years and years and years. We had the opportunity to maybe make things a bit better for ourselves and everyone else to boot, and a bunch of selfish, narrow-minded assholes took that away.)

To say it’s been rough has been… difficult.

But I’ve been preserving. Even managed to make some headway with my bigoted boss. (At least he’s not actively gloating anymore.) I had to move back in with my parents but it’s been working out pretty well. I’ve been able to work on my art instead of scrambling for money to get food or pay my rent. I started up a webcomic (Queen’s Rogues!), drew a whole bunch of things, wrote a whole bunch of things, played some awesome video games (like Stardew Valley), and spent time with some truly awesome people.

2016 has sharpened my edges greatly. I’m just trying to make sure those edges don’t cut the people I care about–or myself. I can’t really say I have hope for the upcoming New Year, but I do have a grisly determination. To protect myself and my friends. To do everything I possibly can to make sure that people I care about have futures. To make art.

2016 has been fucking stinking cesspit of a year. I’m glad to see the end of it.