2017 Resolutions (a/k/a My Queer Agenda)

SO! 2016 is over. Good riddance. 2017 is here now, and I’ve got plans.

If you read my previous post, you know that 2016 hit me pretty hard. But, as always, I’m trying to make the best of it. As much as I can, anyway. I’ve learned from this last year that I need to really step up my game. Really work on becoming the person I envision for the future. Try to make that future my present reality.

And so, I have come up with a list. I have lovingly dubbed it: My Queer Agenda.

It starts like this.

  1. Be More Me.
    I have a feeling I’m going to be really fucking loud this year. About my bisexuality and all that that means. I’m going to be super vocal on the internet, and not just in my daily life. I’m going to be more flamboyant, and dress in only what I feel like wearing, instead of what I feel like I ought to wear. I’ll wing my eyeliner so sharp it’ll cut men. I’ll wear bright purple lipstick and glitter and combat boots.

    I’m also going to be more out in the community. I’ve got plans to start a podcast with a friend. I want to review things more–especially from a queer standpoint. I’m going to donate more to charity–both time and money. I really feel it’s more important now than ever to do this, to not just stick together and help each other out, but also to speak up. Add my voice to the mix. I haven’t exactly been silent but… maybe I’ve been too quiet. That’s going to change, starting now.

  2. Be A Stronger Me.
    The ever present “get in shape” goal. Maybe I’ll hit it this year. I’m going to try to do at least some form of exercise everyday, even if it’s only a set of squats. My parents set up a gym in the spare bedroom–I might as well use it. I want to run a 5k (actually run, not just walk), and be able to pick up and carry one of my friends bridal style by the end of 2017. We’ll see if I can make that goal.

    But along with this, I also want to sharpen my mind and skills. I’ve decided I’m going to try for the N4s this year in Japanese. I’ve always played around with the idea of Japanese fluency, but now I’m really committed to it. It’s not just a neat thing as a hobby anyway–I actually have plans to use it for a future business.

    I also want to try my hand at ice skating. Or dance classes. Or maybe both. We’ll see. That might be a 2018 thing. 😛

  3. Side Hustle the Shit Out of Everything.
    Hoo boy. Yeah. This. So, financially, so many things are up in the air, you know? I’m working part-time at a fucking comic book shop. There’s no room for advancement, and no room for raises. And that’s if the boss doesn’t drive the store into the ground.

    Now is absolutely the time to be finding other streams of revenue.

    I’ve got a Patreon started for… basically all my stuff. My webcomic, my fanart, a serial novel I’ll be doing chapter-by-chapter. I’ll be posting about my progress with that. I’ve got Queen’s Rogues already started, and I want to keep that going. See if I can’t get those pages up faster and more consistently.

    As always, I’m going to write. I need to finish and finalize at least one manuscript, if not two. Two would be great, but I’ll settle for one.

    I’m also looking into building up inventory for Redbubble or Society6. I want to do doujinshi for print and sale. I’ve got an ebay account started for selling stuff on the side–we’ll see how that goes. (I actually just made my first sale there yesterday! :D)

    I also want to look into self-pubbing stuff on Amazon.

    And, if that didn’t already sound like a lot, I’ve got plans on finally putting together a video game. I use RPG Maker, and I’m getting… better at it. Let’s just leave it at that.

    My goal for 2017 is to get most, if not all, of those things up and generating money. So if something happens to the store job, I won’t be so shit out of luck. Or hell, even if nothing happens to the store, I’ll have extra money I can stash away. Maybe finally start planning for getting a place of my own.

And that’s it. My Queer Agenda. Be louder, be stronger, make more money. It’s a lot, but achievable. I think. (I hope.) I really can’t afford to do anything less.

– Eris