About Eris

Name: Eris O’Reilly

Current Obsessions: Art & webcomics, the gayer the better; MCU, Xiaolin Showdown (DON’T LAUGH AT ME), supervillains in general, cyberpunk, video games, Netflix

Things I Can Apparently be Bribed with: Vodka. Good or cheap whiskey (I am not picky). Baked mac’n’cheese, meatball sandwiches, and goat cheese (shut up it’s good). Gift cards to Barnes and Nobles. Coffee in large amounts. Cookies (I will do just about anything for cookies) but unfortunately I am trying really really hard not to eat them anymore.

Things I Dislike with the Passion of a Thousand Burning Suns: Bigotry. Sexism. Idiots. Filing cabinets.

A picture of me and my glorious fly-aways. Can't tame that hair if I tried.
This may be an actual picture of me, but it was taken in someone else’s backyard.
(Photo taken by Lissa Clouser)

Hello everyone! My name is Eris O’Reilly. I love cookies and sunny days and piña coladas masquerading as milkshakes. Also, vodka. Mm, I love me some vodka.

A lot of my writing is humorous in nature, because I can’t take anything seriously. Ever. And neither should you. I am a firm believer that most of the world’s problems are because people take themselves too damn seriously. Lighten up, you folks in the back, I’m talking to you.

I also love to curse. As profane and colorfully as I can manage. Think Quentin Tarantino, but with more f-bombs and less unrealistically looking blood spills.

I also like cats.

This is my main blog, where I talk (rant) about my upcoming projects; reviews of books, movies, fanfiction, and video games; and any other random thing that crosses my brain space.

You can also find me at fictionalferrets.wordpress.com, a blog I help moderate with five other beautiful writer ladies. Together we are the Ferrets.

And, if so inclined, you can geek out with me over at domesticated-chaos.tumblr.com. I reblog a lot of random fandom things. And occasionally porn, so please view appropriately.

(Fun fact: the you write the word “about,” the less like a word it looks like. *stares off into the distance*)


2 thoughts on “About Eris”

  1. Hi,
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    1. I’m not accepting guest posts at the moment, but thank you for the kind offer. Check back later and I may be willing to do some kind of guest post blog hop. If I do, I will post about it. Thanks again, and best wishes! – Eris

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