Prepare for Wonky Construction-y Bits

Okay, so I’m moving this site to a new server. (Or rather, it has already been moved, and I’m just making final adjustments… like moving over my url. Yeah.) There are a lot of reasons that I’m giving up my own domain hosting, foremost of which is that it was clunky and difficult to use at times. Also, it cost me money.

I’m already happy with this one (which is saying a lot), so this one will probably be my home for a long while. And nearly everything seems to have converted smoothly and quickly, so that’s good, too. But, like everything else, there’s a slight hitch.

I appear to have lost all my comments.

To others this may seem like a big deal, but I just can’t seem to get to upset about this. I didn’t have a lot of comments to begin with–I mean, not hordes of them, like you might see on a bestselling author’s website. And some of the conversations I will miss, sure, but… I don’t know. I guess that I’m just so happy with the new server I just can’t be arsed to get upset over this minor hiccup. If I can get them back, I’ll try. But honestly?

If you want to re-comment on things, be my guest. Otherwise, I’m willing just to start over and move on. 🙂 Happy blogging, everybody!



It’s Time for a Change

Totally arbitrary photo of hands typing. (Photo courtesy of
Totally arbitrary photo of hands typing. (Photo courtesy of

We’re more than halfway through the year. I’ve had a lot of major life events happen, and not all of them for the better.

I’m thinking it’s time for a change.

Big ones. Small ones. Ones that are making me excited to think of all the new possibilities they’ll represent, and some that are making me utterly cringe (but I’m going to attempt anyway, because I know I need to do it).

So, first up on my list of major life overhauls I’m going to attempt?

I’m going to stop eating sugar.


Yeah, and really for the next 21 days.

I’m addicted to the stuff. I know it. So for the next 3 weeks (until the end of July, really), I’m going to try to go cold turkey. Ish. I’m still letting myself have a few teaspoons in my coffee. And tea. And like, if my cereal has some sugar in it, I’m not going to freak out.

But I’m not going to go buy the “sugary” cereals. Nor am I going to buy, bake, consume, or otherwise participate in cookies, pies, cakes, and any other pretty obvious desert/junk food.

(Oh god this is gonna suck).

I’m gonna do it. For three weeks. 21 days. I’ve got a calendar to count down the days and everything. (And boy, am I counting down already). Hopefully after this sorta sugar-free detox, I won’t be craving it half as much as I do now. And that, overall, will be better for me in the long run.

Oh, and the second thing I’m working on? Revising this website. I’ll probably be making a lot of visual changes to it over the weekend, so I apologize in advance for the mess. I think I can get it all hammered out by this time next week, though.

Yeah. Sugar, and website changes. Yes, I think I can do this.

(Oh god, I want a cookie).


The FanFicWriMo chat room is up!

Alright guys! I’ve got the FanFicWriMo chat room set up! I’m limiting this chat to FanFicWriMo participants ONLY. Please comment on the original blog post for FanFicWriMo your intention to join. Also, to help with security measures, email me at and I will send you the link and the password to get in.

And I will be setting up a separate FanFicWriMo page, accessible through my blog, so we can keep track of each others’ works and progress throughout the month. If you’re ready to commit, you can email me (again, your “username”/pen name and your chosen fandom. (i.e.: Mine would be “Eris O’Reilly / The Avengers (movie-verse)”). I’ll add your info through the page, then throughout the month, I can update the page your word count or any excerpts or links to published fics you’d like for me to add. Sorry that I can’t make it any more user-friendly like NaNoWriMo, but I just don’t have the budget to hire a web developer to code all that for me. This will have to do for now.

But it’ll work! I know it will!

That’s all for now. I know I promised a longer post earlier, but the story behind that is a post all by itself. 😛 I’ve had a crazy week, that’s for sure.

See you all later!

-Eris errors?

Anyone else having trouble posting their stuff on  I sure am. 😦 Phooey.

Additional: Still broken.  As far as I can tell, I can post and/or update anything that isn’t Supernatural.  Unfortunately, the two things I want to update are Supernatural, leaving me to deal with all these nasty error messages.  😦  I’m very frustrated.