My To-Be-Read List

I finished Gone Girl over the weekend. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised at it. Not to suggest that the book was at all pleasant–in fact, I think I enjoyed it mostly because it was so… terrifying? I guess terrifying is a good word for it. I’ll do a more coherent review about it later, but for now, let’s just leave it at that.

Anyway, with one official book marked off my list (my goal was to read 13 books in 2015, remember?) I was a bit at a loss at what to read next. A friend of mine told me that she’s reading Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen and told me that I would probably like it. Which is nice, because I already own the book–had owned it for years–and yet had never read it before.

Going through my bookshelves, I realized that I owned a lot of books I hadn’t read yet.

Anyway, since Northanger Abbey is pretty short (my version, which is in a collection of Austen’s works, is only about 110 pages long) it’s not going to take me long to read it, even with the kind of learning curve for the writing style. So, I’m going to post a list of all the books I already have. Let me know if you’ve read/heard about any of these, and let me know which one you think I ought to read next. 🙂


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Eris Reads Romance: A Bravo Homecoming

A Bravo Homecoming by Christine Rimmer

I’ve never been much into Romance. My taste definitely runs more to the thriller or the urban fantasy bent.

But Michelle at The Barenaked Critic is an avid reader of romance, and has been twisting my arm into the genre. On a weekend retreat, she brought a pile of romance books that she wanted to read, and curious, I picked one up. The summary looked interesting, and I have to admit, the fake girlfriend/boyfriend trope is one of my favorites in fanfiction, so I thought “Why not?” I’d try it.

In Michelle’s defense, she hadn’t read the novel. She just HAD it.

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Friday Review: Dead Things

Quick thing before I get to the amazing Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore.

Yes, I’m aware that I missed the last two Friday reviews. I’ve been busy. 😛 And no, I’m not ready to post about it yet. And I’ve also decided to broaden my Friday review posts to include book reviews, and possibly movie reviews (if the mood strikes me). Next week I’ll have another set of fic recommendations, but for now, I want to tell you about this book I read.

Dead Things, by Stephen Blackmoore.

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