All the owies

So, I don’t know how I did it, but I think I sprained my ankle. It started when I volunteered (and isn’t that a bit ironic?) for a long shift at the bookstore on Sunday. I worked my regular seven hours, took a three hour lunch, then came back, after the store closed, to realphabetize a few sections. After the chaos of the holidays, not only were the books all out of order, but I was finding cook books in the biology sections and children’s potty training books in the pets sections. (Which, I suppose, is sort of like a pet book. In a terribly derogatory sort of way.)

Anyway, I ended up spending about fourteen hours, more or less, at the store, and most of it on my feet. I figured that I’d be tired and my feet to be sore come Monday morning but…

I hurt. And more than just hurt–on Monday my ankle was swollen and I could barely move it. I stayed off of it as much as I could, in hopes that it just needed a rest.

Today? Today it’s actually worse. It’s still swollen and tender to the touch. I can hardly move it at all, and it hurts even when I don’t put any pressure on it. And I’m limping pretty heavily.