Beacon Hills Reboot: Outtakes (Part One)

So, the Beacon Hills Reboot: Part One has been up for a couple of weeks now. I’ve gotten some amazing comments on it, and more kudos than I’ve ever expected. Thank you all so much! I wasn’t sure how much people would like it, considering it’s pretty much in the point of view of a character that had died before she had any screen time. Also, it had very little smut in it, which was another thing that I wasn’t sure would go over well. (The internet is for porn, after all.) So thank you all so much for your kind words. 😀

I am deeply grateful for my amazing friend, The Barenaked Critic for editing this behemoth for me, and for encouraging me to keep going when I felt like it was silly, or badly written, or that no one would care. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t thing this dumb thing would have existed at all–and certainly not posted online.

Also, through the course of the story, I cut out a few scenes and other little tidbits that, yes, dragged the story down, but, you know, weren’t bad or anything. For example, I had originally planned for Laura to meet Allison and Lydia at her coffee shop before the game… but the scene was unnecessary and ended up on the editing room floor. I also had a whole scene about Laura’s birthday that got similar treatment.

The parts that I feel most aggrieved about cutting, however, were some of the comments that were passed back and forth between myself and M (aka The Barenaked Critic) during the editing of this monster. So, to thank everyone for their comments and encouragement, I’m going to share some of those tidbits with you. (They’re probably really dumb, but… here you go anyway! :D)

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Beacon Hills Reboot is Live!!

Yay! My baby is finally up! Well, the first chapter, anyway.

Here it is.

It’s all finished–but I’ll be posting a chapter a day until it’s up. (Maybe two tomorrow. We’ll see. 🙂 )


The Post of Exclamation Points

Well, NaNoWriMo is over.

Most of you are thankful that December is here, ready for the slow and steady plod through editing and second drafting (and third and fourth and fifth) until it’s time start it all over again in November 2013.

Others are apparently crazy nuts like me.

A moment of digression, if you will. As you can see, I am a fanfic writer. Yes, it’s mostly Supernatural and Okage: Shadow King fiction, but that will soon change. (Oh boy, will that change). And one of the things I thought to myself as I prepared for NaNo this year was “Damn, I’d really like to do a NaNoWriMo for only fanfics. It’d be like month-long convention of awesomeness!” I considered writing a fanfic for the November’s NaNoWriMo, but alas, I had a great idea for an original work that was beating on the inside of my skull to get out first. But I didn’t give up the idea…

Anyway, even though November is only days behind us (and Christmas looming), I feel the need to jump into the writing frenzy once more. I also want to drag as many of you out there with me.

So, a proposal for the fanfic writers out there: I present to you…


Starting in January (that’s right, JANUARY 2013), join me in 50,000 words in 30 (*cough-one-cough*) days! Choose your fandom! Write like the wind! Churn out those fanfictions like never before! Length doesn’t matter, only total word count contributed by the end of the month!

Got an epic romance for your OTP just burning to get out? WRITE IT IN JANUARY!

Have a series of drabble length character studies for your favorite television show? WRITE THEM IN JANUARY!

Did you hate the end of a movie and you just KNOW you can do better? WRITE IT IN JANUARY!

Join me, writers! Join me in the epic craziness that is fandom! Join me in FanFicWriMo!

I hope to see you all there!




PS: Details on a public chat room/forums are coming up… as soon as I figure them out. -E

(Sherlock Fanfiction) Bad, Bad Man

Bad, Bad Man (Part One of the Nymphomania series)
Rated: R (sexual situations, nudity, some language, much naughtiness abounds but no real intercourse)
Characters: John/Jim..? implied Sherlock/John, random henchman! Slutty!John
Summary: Moriarty has a plan to break the great Sherlock Holmes and his intrepid blogger, John Watson, forever. However, it seems he has miscalculated the veracity of a certain army doctor…
Author’s Notes: This is as close to a Song Fic as I have ever written. It is HIGHLY recommended that you listen to The Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now” while reading this story. I can not urge this enough.

Read the story… Reviews — HUGE Shout-Out to My Fans!

It’s been a very, very long while since I checked up on my reviews from my FanFiction.Net postings. (Actually, it’s been a long while since I’ve opened up my play email, as I’m always on my work one). Anyway, I finally did this morning, and I was overwhelmed by all the reviews! You guys make me smile, laugh-out-loud, and my heart clenches each and every time one of you says something thoughtful and kind about my writing. You all, every one, make my day! Even my week!

So thank you, all of you, for reading and putting in the time to review. Even the simplest “This is great!” warms me in a way my sweater can’t. (And yes, I am currently wearing a sweater, even though it’s July. My office keeps the A/C blasting all summer long, and it’s about 70 degrees where I’m sitting–which is right underneath the vent. It’s COLD.) Anyway, I am going to respond to each and every one of these reviews in the next few days, because a lot of them warrant a response beyond just a “thanks!”. I will try to get that done by Saturday night by the latest.

Also, I wanted to share a funny moment: One reviewer so kindly pointed out some negative opinions s/he had about one of my stories and me as the writer of said story. I believe it was on one of my Supernatural stories–maybe Denial is a River in Egypt. Anyway, s/he called me a troll. I KID YOU NOT: I stopped, blinked at the screen, turned to the mirror in my office, looked at myself, and thought “Nope. Still hot.”

*facepalm* Apparently you can now add “vain” to my list of character flaws.

Anyway, as I am wont with negative reviews (and I don’t mean negative as in they pointed out where I had a plot hole, or some grammar mistake or characterization flaw or something. I mean those flaming bullshit reviews that are mostly of the “U R MEAN & GROSS & I HATE U!!!!” variety), I feel the need to retaliate a bit with this one. She didn’t give me much to work with, but she mentioned Jo, and said that I was a troll; that’s enough of a prompt for me. 🙂

Lastly: reassurances. I am working on Chuck Made Them Do It, chapter 5 AS WE SPEAK. Or, it’s in its draft form, and sitting on my desk at home. I WILL FINISH THIS UP SOON! I PROMISE! You’ll get it before Monday, I swear!

I’ll be posting some of my brand-spanking-new Sherlock fandom fiction in the next few weeks. I’m still working on my Jim/Sherlock fic I’ve been teasing you about, along with a new one featuring SexGod!John. (Because really, we can all use more SexGod!John).

And King and Consort…? I will be totally revamping that story. The original, King and Companion, got away from me. I don’t know where it’s going anymore, and I don’t know what to do with it. So I’ll be doing major excavation/renovation on it–thus the new title. Sadly, this will take me a while more to totally fix it up the way I will be happy with. I’m thinking… late August? At the earliest?

I love you. Thank you for being so patient with me. I want to hug you all. 😀

-Eris O’Reilly