I’m starting something new! …Again!

Whenever I am unsure how to start something, I have a tendency to dive straight into the middle, and fill in the holes along the way. So, here it goes:

I’m starting up my magickal practice again. There are a couple of reasons for this: most of them being that I feel like it’s time to start delving further into that area of my life again. There’s a slurry of other reasons: I reconnected with some friends who wanted to also do more with their practices, I ran into someone the other day that I desperately did not want to ever run into again (more about that later). But mostly I just feel like it’s time again.

Anyway, but this time, I think I’m going to make a (somewhat) public log of it. It’s not only to help me focused on my lessons (that’s a small part of it), but mostly because I know a lot of you out there are writers, or just plain curious as to what real magick is like. Or, I suppose I should say, what a practicing magician looks like. (“Real” magick is everywhere, even if you don’t know the name of it, or if you call it by another name. Like prayer.)

So I’m going to keep a running log of how my studies are going, and hopefully give a little insight into how this whole crazy things works.

If all else, it’s bound to make some great stories.

Also, I guess this is a piss poor time to inform you I’m a witch. …Surprise!