Necromancer Werewolves: My Theory on Some of the Crazy Mythology of Teen Wolf

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Completely in spite of the holiday, I’d like to present a theory to you that I’ve been working on for a while now.

Teen Wolf has a plethora of crazy mythology, but when they introduced the concept of blue eyes in Season 3a, I rose an eyebrow. Not necessarily because I didn’t buy it, but because I thought that their reasoning didn’t explain all of it. In the episode “Visionary,” Peter Hale (an unreliable source at best), tells Stiles that when a wolf kills an innocent, his eyes turn from yellow to blue. Okay, fine, but why does this physical change occur?

They may be pretty, but the eye color comes with a cost.

There could be couple of reasons behind this so-called “innocent life-taking” change. One could be that it is the feelings of guilt that can affect the color of a werewolf’s eyes, like a mood ring. But this explanation has inherent pitfalls of its own. Why only guilt? Wouldn’t other emotions, strong emotions, also effect eye color then? What about fear, or anger? What about happiness or love? The only eye colors we see are yellow for “innocence,” blue for “guilty,” and red for “leader.” There is no evidence that merely their guilt is enough to change their eyes.

Another reason could be a sort of karmic badge. Killing a person costs a heavy karmic debt, and if wolves happen to be susceptible to that sort of thing, could possibly turn a wolf’s eyes blue. But again, what about other karmic debt? What about years of piling smaller karmic infractions onto your soul? Would that not then also change the wolf’s eyes to blue? We don’t see much evidence of this either, as all the wolves that have blue eyes (with perhaps the exception of Derek) has more than earned them one way or another.

A more likely reason is that of a sort of necromancy that changes the werewolf’s eye color. Here’s how I think it happens:

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